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C O V I D - 1 9 x C A M E R A S & C O N F E T T I

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Not a blog we thought we'd ever be writing... but here it goes!

You all know we're both very transparent and honest with all of our couples, so we're not going to hold back here.

It seems so mad that just over a year ago myself and Jamie thought of a small idea to join together and create a new wedding photography business, all by absolute chance! We set ourselves silly little goals, maybe 5-10 weddings a year if we were lucky and we’d see how it all went...

Today we hit our 100th booking with absolutely zero money into marketing (minus a website we’ve just built ha!) and all down to word of mouth recommendations thanks to you lovely people.

With everything going on at the moment it seemed so disheartening that all our hard work (especially to sell out 2020 straight to an almost empty diary!) had been for nothing and we of course are absolutely devastated to all our lovely couples that have had to reschedule or cancel their wedding by such extreme circumstances out of our control.

But in fact, it’s made us realise the positives from this and appreciate the business (and friendships!) we have actually grown in such a short space of time.

- Our clients / supporters are an absolute TRIBE. We can’t believe all the love and support we’ve had given to us. Every like and share is so so amazing!

- People really do appreciate our business and have reworked their whole weddings around our availability which is just mind blowing!

- Our photographer / videographer friends have our backs more than we could ever have imagined.

- Our families and friends care SO SO much about the success of this business and we see and appreciate everything you do for us and the sacrifice that comes with it.


Our heart goes out to everything single one of our couples that are having to reschedule and / or cancel their weddings.

We know how much love, time and planning goes into these uniquely amazing events and we just want to reiterate to you all that we’re all in this together and we’re on your side.

We want nothing more than to shoot your weddings, whether that be now or a little bit of time down the line. If we can’t make a rescheduled date we’ll help you find a suitable replacement.

Please if there’s anything we can do for any one of you (even non photography related), please reach out to us ❤️


If you want any questions answering, leave them on the video or inbox us directly!


Our attendance policy is as follows:

- Should myself or Jamie be ill, your package would drop down to the remaining one of us and we can still fulfil your package as agreed. The only package where this would be an issue would be our photo AND video package as this is almost impossible to do as one person. These packages would drop down to photo only and you would receive a partial refund to source a new videographer.

- In the worst case scenario that we’re both ill and unable to attend, we’d help find a replacement and fully refund your payment.

- Should you need to cancel us. Our deposits and package costs (50% of wedding cost due 60 days before and 100% wedding cost 28 days before your wedding) are non refundable. There is a lot of planning and purchases that go in before a wedding (such as licensing, software and getting your personalised boxes ordered) which would leave us at a loss if we were to refund. Also at such short notice we would not be able to fill up a slot. Emily is full time self employed and Jamie relies on this income to help pay his bills.

- Should you reschedule your date. If we’re available, of course we’ll do it! With 42 weddings this year this is however unlikely so please give us as much warning as possible. Should we not be able to do your rescheduled date your fees are still none refundable.

We advise ALL of our couples to make sure they take out wedding insurance and to persue any loses through this. If you’re insured make sure you have a look for any updates on Covid-19.

We absolutely can’t wait for a year full of weddings and will be as accommodating as we can around the current issues! We’re just about to invest over £6,000 into new equipment and really are looking forward to working with you all.

For now, you'll find us at the pub stockpiling the anti-bac until this all blows over! 🍻

SAMANTHA & HARRISON - 2 1 . 0 3 . 2 0 2 0

It seems so strange and sad for us that a wedding we’ve had booked in for so long won’t be going ahead tomorrow. Usually at this time we’d be packing our kit, getting our emergency sugar source of choice (Skittles) ready and grabbing early night (or a gin or two down our necks 🧐🙋🏼‍♀️) to put our everything into capturing our couples big day.

Samantha and Harrison ARE going to do all the legal bit tomorrow, with their date rescheduled to August this year. Which just means, no stress in August just the matter of a blessing and one MASSIVE PARTY!! 🎉

We want to wish them both the best of luck tomorrow and just like the queen getting two birthdays, you will in fact be getting 2 weddings days 👑

Bring on August! (They’re even supplying us with beer for rescheduling hahaha! 🍻)

BECKY AND SHAUN - 2 8 . 0 3 . 2 0 2 0

Today’s the day we should have been partying it up with Becky and Shaun for their wedding at Brook Marston Farm Hotel 💔

We’re absolutely gutted another one of our amazing couples have fallen victim to having to reschedule their big day due to factors out of anybody’s control. Myself (Emily) and Becky go way back as we grew up together, so it was honestly a privilege to be asked to do this. As soon as we met Shaun, we knew they were absolutely the perfect match for each other!

Today might not be the day you get married, but it won’t stop the love you have for each other, and it certainly won’t stop an even bigger party for a rescheduled date! Our thoughts are with you both. We can’t wait to party with you soon. As one of our clients commented on our post last week... LOVE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL ❤️


Becky and Shaun did get married... kind of?!

Shaun’s mum pretended to be a vicar and they threw an online ceremony with some of their family and friends involved!


When life tells you you can’t get married, do it anyway! This is one day none of them will forget in a hurry 😂👏



Some of the things we’ll be doing to help any couple effected by Covid-19:

- We’ll be adding more available dates than we usually offer per year to accommodate our 2020 couples having to reschedule their wedding and also make space for new couples needing to source a new photographer / videographer. 2021 is ALMOST sold out though (even with additional dates), so please don’t delay.

- Extra time to pay your deposit and/or full balance if required. Payment plans are available.

- Literally round the clock support on anything, even non wedding photo/video related! We also have an list of trusted suppliers should you need help finding a replacement for any service.

- A hand looking for wedding insurance if you need it (we’re not taking any new bookings unless you prove you have this, it’s so so important)

Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 2020 was supposed to be the year, but we don’t mind a cheeky 2021 delay! 😂👏

Emily & Jamie x

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