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This wedding was completed by Emily only, the better half of Cameras & Confetti (soz J). Emily has previous completed a christening for Samantha's niece, so it was an honour to specifically get asked to come back and photograph her wedding!

Having already met the Dennis half of the family (and Tom of course) it definitely made for a more relaxed wedding day as I already felt like apart of the family! On our FaceTime pre-consultation I did get a little too over excited about the fact I learned Tom and his family are farmers and they would have a Tractor (honestly, I'm so easily pleased), I think the whole conversation was just about ways on how to incorporate the tractor into as many photos as possible. Having already worked with the couple though, I knew it was a wedding I didn't want to miss!

The wedding day itself let's say, didn't get off to the best start with an MUA not turning up. But we all rallied around in the morning to make sure we got it sorted for Sam! Was also really good to see Laura Alice (Elegance Bridal Hair) one of our recommended suppliers in the morning too. The morning flew by so I'm going to be honest here, I can't really remember much other than Sam's dad battling to get the bow on the car hahaha! Then it was a short trip to such a stunning Church (Walton-on-Trent).

The ceremony was intimate and very special to make it as bespoke as possible for the new newly weds! After a quick stop for a few photos outside the church, it was time to wave the new couple off in their tractor to Barton Marina. This was Emily's first visit to the waterfront, although Jamie has been alone before so obviously we are in a secret competition to see who could get the best photos! In what was quite possibly the most bitterly cold / windy day ever, outdoor photos were very limited however we got as many as we could with the main guest (the tractor).

Amazing food was served followed by some quite hilarious speeches, bringing up a lot of Sam and Tom's past mishaps. Evening guests arrived and the party started to get into full flow! The Mason's wedding cake is HANDS DOWN the best wedding cake we've ever seen. It's going to take some beating! It also rained a little bit on the evening (everybody know I love a bit of rain on a wedding day!) so the lovely pair offered to go outside to get our trademark rain shot.

If you thought the cake wasn't enough, Sam and Tom decided that they'd stun EVERYBODY with a first dance mash up... again hands down the best first dance I've ever seen!

What a day, thanks for having me along for the ride!

(Next time I want a go on the tractor)

S & T

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