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What. A. Day!

This is not one we're likely to forget anytime soon... for all the right reasons!

We knew prior to the wedding that Rebecca and Ross came from 2 pretty large families with Rebecca being 1 of 5 and Ross 1 of 9... a wedding with way over 200 guests and families this close, we were buzzing! (and they absolutely did not let us down!)

Emily went off to spend the morning with Rebecca and her family, while Jamie went off with Ross and his. Jamie got treated to a morning KFC (so jealous) and Emily spent the morning watching the girls make creative TikToks! The morning seemed to really fly by with so many people around and before we knew it, we were off to Church.

Rebecca wont mind us saying this, but honestly she looked SO STUNNING (even looked like Taylor Swift a bit, ha!) and I don't think there was a dry eye in the Church when she made the long walk down the aisle with her dad, arm in arm.

The ceremony was both religious but personal to both Ross and Rebecca with some absolutely banging song choices if we do say so ourselves!

After the ceremony we headed straight over Aston Tavern (somewhere Jamie has spent many a Saturday drunk... yes he has poor taste in football clubs). We didn't realise how perfect it was for a wedding reception, it has absolutely everything you need and the staff were amazing!

Ross' mum and sister Ciara had put so much effort into the room decor... Emily is a HUGE Harry Potter fan so seeing the attention to detail in the room was absolutely phenomenal!

Group shots followed before some absolutely hilarious speeches and food and drinks started flowing! There wasn't a moment where the dance floor wasn't full of people having the time of their lives! I don't think we'll ever see an atmosphere like it ever again!

What an amazing day from start to finish. Thank you Rebecca and Ross from the bottom of out hearts, for letting us spend the biggest day of your life with you!

R & R

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