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B R A D L E Y - S H E R I D A N

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Our first wedding of the year... well, Emily's (as Jamie is swanning off somewhere). Though, only 3 weeks since Ellie and Patricks wedding late December... wedding season never ends!

School Throwback...

I had the honour of going to school with Siobhan. She made the dullest days full of laughter and was an absolute pleasure to be around, so when I eventually got that message land in my inbox to be her wedding photographer I was overjoyed. We met in Costa for our pre-meet (a regular choice for me, ha!) where I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Sarah. It took me approximately 2 seconds of being in their company to see that they were the absolute perfect match for each other. After a good hour or so chatting/laughing about the wedding I think my ribs hurt. I could tell from the very get-go that these two were so excited for their wedding day and were going to embrace every single opportunity for good photos on the day! Side note - they have an ongoing joke in Sarah's family that her auntie can't keep her eyes open for photos, so I genuinely wanted to see how many I could get! I lost count...

The Legal Bit

Sarah and Siobhan weren't too fussed about having me there while getting ready, so I jumped straight in at the ceremony. Sandwell Registry Office wasn't somewhere myself or Jamie had attended before, which can often be a bit daunting, however I have to say the registrars and staff here were some of THE BEST I've ever met. So accommodating and friendly. Nothing was too much for them which is exactly the kind of vibe you need in what can be a quite anxious environment.

The exterior of the building was absolutely stunning and the perfect backdrop for some photos! Even though it was absolutely freezing, every guest attended in high spirits with beaming smiles on their faces.

Joined by their very nearest and dearest, the intimate ceremony went without a hitch! And the amazing registrars created such a brilliant atmosphere to get married in for such a happy-go-lucky couple. The ladies were walked down the aisle by their mums, which I know would have been such a special moment for all involved. It's very clear to see these two families really get along well and love their new in-laws like their own blood. Empty chairs with a single flower were left for those no longer with the family, which was such a lovely tribute to those they would have loved to share the day with.

I don't think the smilies left Siobhan and Sarah's faces for the whole ceremony (or whole day for that matter!). We all braved the cold for group photos! Kudos to the ladies, I was wrapped in my nice warm coat! They did excellent in difficult weather conditions. And a huge thanks to all of your family & friends for keeping in such high spirits for the most boring part of the day.


Off we headed to Holiday Inn (M6 J7) for the most fun of the day. The attention to detail on the room decor put in by Sarah and Siobhan was impeccable, they had thought and design everything themselves. After some really heart felt speeches which even made me (heart made of stone) well up, the party started to begin. Siobhan and Sarah kept sneaking off to demolish cupcakes (sorry not sorry) and the drinks were flowing. They even had a saxophonist (I cannot say that word for the life of me!) Rosemary Quay getting such a huge crowd on the dance floor after the first dance and cake cut! Having such a close intimate crowd created one of the most buzzed wedding vibes I've experienced.

Congratulations Mrs and Mrs Bradley-Sheridan.

What an absolutely wonderful way to start off 2020!

S & S

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